Footprints In New Stained Floors: Steps To Remove

Steps To Remove Footprints In New Stained Floors

It is necessary to mix the stain well before applying it over the wood. Besides that, the flooring should be allowed to dry & cure properly before walking over. In order to check whether the stain has dried properly, the user can step over the flooring. If footprints occur, it is an indication that the stain requires more drying time or the stain is too thick. Before letting the stain to dry completely, it is necessary to remove the footprints for which the user needs to follow the below-given steps;
  1. Identification: The first step will be to identify the footprints and decide whether the stain requires more time to cure or the stain is too thick. If the stain is thick & sticky, it is necessary to thin the entire flooring stain. In case, there are few footprints at the door entrance that require more drying time, the touch-up cleaning will be the best solution.
  2. Apply Mineral Spirits: After that, the user needs to apply mineral spirits over the footprints and allow it to soak for a few seconds. The step is recommended if the stain requires more time to dry. In case, the stain is too thick, it has been recommended to apply mineral spirits over the entire stained flooring by working in small sections. Alternatively, the user can replace mineral spirits with paint thinner.
  3. Wipe Down Mineral Spirits: The next step will be to wipe mineral sprits & the stain off the flooring by using clean rags. Once done, the user needs to evaluate the stain color consistency before proceeding forward.
  4. Apply Stain: The last step will be to apply the touch-up stain wherever required in order to create the desired consistent color. If the entire flooring is wiped clean, the user needs to reapply stain over it by using a clean rag. The stain should be allowed to sit over the flooring for about 15 minutes before wiping it off with a separate clean rag. It has been recommended to apply the stain as per required darkness and allow it to dry completely before walked over.
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