Fixing A Popped Button On A Couch: Step By Step Guide To Fix A Popped Button

Step By Step Guide To Fix A Popped Button On A Couch

The button affixed at the back of the cushion at times falls off because of the stress and of the normal wear and the tear. The button affixed at the cushions is ornamented sometimes probably due to the fact that the users hold up the tufting in one place. The users can easily replace the buttons and can also keep the tufting at a place by using the needle. The upholstery needles are curbed that allows the user to sew within the cushions even if the users are not able to reach the fabric back. The users can easily purchase the upholstery needle and the thread at their nearby home stores. The users can easily fix the popped button on a couch at home by following the below-defined steps:
  • Trim Off The Button: Start by trimming off the button at the couch back if it is still affixed but is dangling or is loose. The users need to detach the dangling threads within the surface of the couch.
  • Thread The Needle: Then the users need to thread the twisted needle with the heavy thread and then knot the thread end and then leave the thread tail behind the thread knot.
  • Lift The Needle: After that, they need to pass up the needle within the cushion of the couch and they need to start at the place where actually the button was affixed. Then they need to lift the needle till it scratches with the cushion back for the affixed cushions. For the unaffixed cushions, the users need to lift the needle till it won't reach the fabric back but the users are advised not to let it pass within the fabric of the cushion's other side.
  • Import The Needle: Then they need to import the needle back within the cushion front side and then bring it outwards to the primary entry point of the needle. The curve that is present on the needle will let the users do this easily even if they can reach the cushion back. Then they need to lift up the thread in a way so that the knots will sit secured with the cushion.
  • String The Button: Then the users need to string the button to the needle and then stitch two or three times within the cushion so as to hold up the button in one place.
  • Tie Up The Thread: Finally the users need to tie up the thread and the three-inch tail with one another in the dual fold. Then they need to cut the ends of the thread and then fold together the knot adjacent to the button.
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