Fix Cracked Luan Doors: 6 Easy Steps Of Fixing Cracked Luan Doors

6 Easy Steps Of Fixing Cracks In A Luan Doors

If you have luan doors at your homes or any other place and it is damaged with cracks, then these cracks need to be rectified as early as possible. In order to fix the cracks that have occurred in luan doors, the users need to go through all the given steps carefully and achieve the desired result:
  1. Under the top of a hinge pin which holds the door in place insert the tip of a screwdriver. With the help of the hammer tap the head of the screwdriver to remove the pin. Repeat the same process for the remaining hinge pins.
  2. Take the door outside for working on it. Place it on a pair of sawhorses or simply on a flat work surface. If in case the user works on the door in the house, then place down plastic sheeting which will protect the floor. Also, open the windows that will help to provide adequate ventilation.
  3. After the above step is done then take an epoxy wood filler resin and mix with the hardener according to package instructions, on a piece of cardboard with a stirring stick. Most of the wood fillers use equal amounts of resin as well as a hardener. Stir the product properly.
  4. Press down the filler into the affected spot of the luan door, with a putty knife. Wipe the knife in the back and forth direction across the crack as this will help the filler to get deep inside the crevice. Smooth out the surface with a putty knife. Let the filler dry fully.
  5. Sand the affected area with the medium-grit sandpaper. Finish off the sanding with fine-grit sandpaper. For the best results, while repainting the entire door, it is advisable to sand the entire door with a fine-grit sandpaper. This will help to give the primer a better bond with the surface. Mask all the doorknobs as well as hinges with painter’s tape.
  6. Apply the luan door with a coat of primer with a paintbrush. Leave it to fully dry. Apply 2 coats of paint using a paintbrush.
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