Fitting Vinyl Flooring Under Toilet: 2 Easy Parts For Installation

2 Easy Parts For Installation Of The Vinyl Flooring Under The Toilet

Whenever the new sheet of vinyl flooring is spread into the bathroom, that time it is important to remove the toilet and fit the vinyl around the toilet flange, that is a metal fitting which holds the toilet down to the ground. The edges of the vinyl flooring will be hidden by the toilet, in that case it is not so important to fit them perfectly around the toilet flange, but its important to leave little space as possible. The most reliable and the best way to fit the vinyl flooring is to make a template and then use the same template to cut out the vinyl before laying it.

Part 1: Preparation

  1. Pull: The first step in making the preparation is to lift up the toilet and check around the flange for any kind of moisture. If there is any moisture then wait for the subfloor to dry completely before moving ahead. In this Step it is also important to make any needed subfloor preparations like leveling any depressions by using leveling compound, at the same time sand down any high spots with the help of belt sander and vacuuming all dust in order to make the area clean.
  2. 1/4-Inch Plywood: After the above step is done than lay a layer of about 1/4-inch plywood on the subfloor. On the plywood its important to measure the position of the flange with the help of measuring tape. Using a compass and pencil draw the outline of the toilet flange. After drawing the outline then cut out the hole for the flange, with the help of jigsaw. Its important to ensure that there should be only 1/4 inch gap between the plywood and flange.
  3. Nail: In this step the user needs to nail down the plywood to the floor, with the help of 1 1/4-inch ring-shank nails.
  4. Primer: Use the latex floor primer for priming the plywood before installing the vinyl. Let the primer to dry completely.

Part 2: Installing Vinyl

  1. Kraft Paper: The first step for the installation process is to use the kraft paper in order to cover the entire floor. In order to get a single piece that covers the floor use masking tape to tap down the pieces of paper together. Now its time to cut out the perimeter to match the floor. Use a utility knife to make hole for the toilet flange.
  2. Unroll: After the above template process is done then unroll the vinyl sheeting and lay down the template on top of it. Cut down the vinyl flooring to match it, again using a utility knife.
  3. Spread: After cutting down the vinyl then roll it up and take it into the bathroom and unroll it onto the floor to make sure it is sized correctly, after the dry fit is done, then roll it up again. Apply adhesive onto the floor and fix the vinyl into the adhesive.
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