First Table: Wellington, Canterbury, Albany

First Table Phone Number

+64 3 668 0660

+64 4 589 8585

03 303 2000

09 447 1100

09 426 2651

Contact Us
For queries and suggestions please visit the following link Contact Us and fill certain information like name, email etc and the response will get back to the customer as soon as possible.

What Is First Table?
"First Table" is a website deals with restaurants and other food courts that offer a 50% discount off on meals of different restaurants at specific times. Customers must pay a $10 against booking charges to reserve the discount on meals at a participating restaurant, and diners enjoy half-price on meals for two to four persons when booking the restaurant’s "First Table" of the evening, lunch or breakfast time.

What Happens If I’m Late For My Reservation?
The 50% off meals is limited for a specific time and date. If diners are more than 15 minutes late the deal will automatically discard.
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