Finishing Unfinished Hardwood Floors: Easy Steps To Finish

Easy Steps To Finish Unfinished Hardwood Floors

Follow the below-given steps in order to finish unfinished hardwood floors:
  1. Clean: The first step is to vacuum the floor to remove any dust and debris. If in any case there is a water spot due to which the floor has turned black then make a solution of equal parts of bleach and water to remove all nearly black spots.
  2. Electric Drum Sander: The next step is to prepare the floor for finishing using an electric drum sander, the user can rent the electric drum sander. Once the sender is turned on gently lower it to contact with the floor, start the sanding process with the 20 to 60 grit sandpaper, then switch to 80- and 120-grit.
  3. Middle: The best way to start the sanding process is from the middle of the floor and then working towards the outer edges. Sand in the directions of the wood grains.
  4. Repeat: Repeat the sanding process as many times required moving on through finer grits of sandpaper progressively. However, before going for the next round of the sanding it is very important to clean the dust, with the vacuum cleaner and wipe down the entire floor with a dry cloth. Before heading to the next step it is very important to clean the floor.
  5. Floor Sealant: Before applying the finish to the floor it is important to apply the durable floor sealant, this will help to prevent the uneven coverage.
  6. Stain The Floor: Now gently apply the finish to the floor with the help of the brush, a rag or a roller, then after 15 minutes wipe the excess stain from the floor with the rag. Before applying the stain it is very important to stir it well and while applying the stain stir regularly.
  7. Second Coat: In order to achieve the desired results apply as many coats as needed. However, apply the second coat once the first coat is dried.
  8. Polyurethane Clear-coat: Once all the coats are completed and dried, apply the polyurethane clear-coat for a softer looking finish. Apply the even polyurethane clear-coat with the help of the roller. It is important if the stain is water based then use the water-based polyurethane.
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