Film On Hardwood Floors Vinegar: Steps To Remove

Steps To Remove The Film From Hardwood Floors

Cleaning the haziness from the hardwood floors with the help of vinegar is not safe. The vinegar damages the finish of the floors, excess water left on the floor causes the floor to swell and discolors the floor. So, it is recommended to avoid the use of vinegar. To clean the film from hardwood floors the users need to follow the below-mentioned steps:
  1. Gather All Tools And Material: The first step is to collect all the material and tools that are needed to remove the film from the hardwood floors like a vacuum, microfiber cloth, bucket, ammonia, and terry cloth mop.
  2. Clean The Floor: Next step is to remove the dirt and debris particles from the floor surface with the help of a vacuum cleaner.
  3. Make A Solution: Then prepare a solution in the bucket by combining the ammonia and warm water.
  4. Mop The Floor: Now take the prepared solution and start to mop the hardwood floors with the help of terrycloth mop.
  5. Wipe And Buff: Now clean the ammonia solution from the floor surface with the help of microfiber cloth. Rub the hardwood floor in a circular motion to make the floor surface dry.
  6. Let The Floor Dry: Then wait for at least 1 hour and allow the floor to dry properly and keep the foot traffic away from the floor for this period.
  7. Repeat The Same: If the floor still looks hazy then repeat the process until the film removes from the floor surface.
  8. Use Floor Mats: The users need to cover the entrance of the door with the floor mats to protect the floor from haziness.

Warning: It is recommended not to use any polish, wax, or soap on the hardwood floors as these can create a layer of haziness on the floor surface.
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