Faux Leather Vs Bonded Leather: Advantages Of Faux & Bonded Leather With Durability

Faux Leather Vs Bonded Leather

Both the Faux and Bonded Leather are widely getting used nowadays for making the furniture items, as both are very cheap than the real leather and gives almost same apperance of the real leather. However both of them have their own advantages, which are given below:

Faux Leather Advantages

  1. Economical: The faux leather is very affordable than the real leather.
  2. Low Maintenance: It is very easy to clean the faux leather as it can simply be cleaned with a cloth and warm water.
  3. Durability: It is very durable that can last for a long period of time, the faux leather is not prone to crack or peel like leather, besides that it will not fade easily in the UV radiation.
  4. Consistent Appearance: Since all the pieces come from the same stock as a result it will provide the same uniform look.
  5. Easy To Work: It is very easy to cut and sew the faux leather.

Advantages Of Bonded Leather

  1. Soft: Bonded leather has a very soft material, and has a high gloss finish.
  2. Price: Bonded Leather is more expensive than the fabric but cheaper than the real leather.
  3. Colors: It is available in the number of colors and design variations.
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