Fantastic Furniture Townsville: Currajong QLD, Fresno, Gosford, Innaloo

Fantastic Furniture Townsville Phone Numbers

General Number

For Currajong QLD, Australia
+61 7 4409 1125

For Fresno
(559) 228-6500

For Gosford
+61 2 4365 5905

For Innaloo
+61 8 9443 8177

What Information Is Required For Online Payment?

For online payment, you are required to provide your billing name & address, Email, Phone number and 13 digit order number which you can find at the bottom of your receipt. You also need to know the balance of your order if you don't know you should contact them first before making a payment.

How Can I Check Whether My Purchase Product Is In Stock Or Not?

You can call your local store to check its availability or else send them an email or chat with the customer representative to know whether the product is available or not.

Can I Get Full Refund For Canceling My Order?

Yes, they provide you a full refund if you cancel your order, but if you cancel your order on the date of delivery, shipping charges will be deducted from your refund amount.
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