Eureka Furniture Warners Bay: Rutherford, Eureka Montana, Orange NSW

Eureka Furniture Warners Bay Phone Numbers

Main Phone Number
+61 2 4956 9371

For Rutherford NSW
+61 404 073 483

For Cairns City QLD
+61 7 4032 3744

For Eureka Montana
406) 297-2114

For Orange NSW
+61 2 6361 7684

For Ballina NSW, Australia
+61 2 6686 6518

For Garbutt QLD
+61 7 4779 4268

For Dubbo
+61 2 6885 3911

For Rockhampton
+61 7 4926 9196

Additional Contact

Email Support

Return And Refund

In case you change your mind and you want to return the product, Eureka Furniture will not provide you with any refund at that time.
In case there is some major problem in the product like:
  1. The problem is that major if you tell someone about it the person will not buy it.
  2. It is not safe to use it.
  3. The product is completely different from the sample provided.
  4. It doesn't satisfy your needs for which you purchased the product.

In these cases, you can get a complete refund or you can keep the product and they will compensate you. If the problem is small they will simply repair it for you without charges.
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