Eucalyptus Wood For Furniture: Pros And Cons, Treatment And Care

General Overview

Eucalyptus wood is best used for outdoor/patio furniture. The wood has longer durability and offers outstanding resistance to the moisture, decay, rot, and insects. The wood withstands different outdoor elements and is an affordable alternative to the expensive teak wood.
Is Eucalyptus Wood Rot Resistant?
The Eucalyptus wood is extremely dense in nature and this type of wood last for many years if maintained properly. The Eucalyptus wood is having a high content of the oil that makes the Eucalyptus wood the rot and decay-resistant. Because of the high content of the oil, the Eucalyptus wood easily repels the moisture and the water as well.

How To Treat And Care Eucalyptus Wood?

The Eucalyptus Wood outdoor or garden furniture comes with durability although proper care and maintenance enhance the good chances of retaining its original grace for longer. Few ways of treatment and care of the Eucalyptus wood furniture are mentioned below:
1.Cleaning And Scrubbing: Washing Eucalyptus Wood furniture with a mixture of bleach and soap detergent water is recommended. Follow up by scrubbing it by the soft brush to eliminate mold, dirt, and mildew built up if any.
2.Dry: Let the furniture dry completely and wipe out the standing water.
3.Sealant: Apply exterior wood sealants like polyurethane or spar varnish completely over the furniture piece and allow it to dry.


Few of the best advantages of using Eucalyptus wood for outdoor furniture are mentioned as below:
1.Renewable: The Eucalyptus Wood is the renewable source and is widely available.
2.Endurance: The wood comes with outstanding endurance and strength.
3.Look: Ultra smooth in appearance with exception grain finish.
4.Maintenance: Does not require more maintenance and care.
5.Resistance: Eucalyptus offers superb resistance to decay, rot, and moisture.
6.Oil Content: Due to the high oil content the wood does not absorb moisture.


Some of the disadvantages/cons of the Eucalyptus Wood are mentioned below:
1.Winters: The Eucalyptus Wood furniture gets affected in harsh cold months resulting in the cracks if not sealed.
2.Replacement: After prolonged use the furniture needs replacement.
3.Less Durable Then Teak: Though the wood has good durability not much than teak.
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