Eucalyptus Furniture Pros And Cons: Advantages & Disadvantages

General Overview

Eucalyptus is the Australian tree species and has an alluring reddish-brown color. Its highest moisture and insect resistance capability makes it ideal for outdoor furniture manufacturing. Eucalyptus is the most preferred alternative to expensive teak furniture as it comes with exceptional endurance and strength and has a capability to stay firm in any weather conditions. Eucalyptus Furniture does not rot or decay and is compatible with any kind of construction light or heavy. The Wood is the eco-friendly choice as it grows at a faster pace.

Does Eucalyptus Furniture Come With Durability?

Since the wood has high moisture and insect resistance it comes with good durability and can last up to 20 years if it is not maintained. In the case of proper maintenance, the wood can last more than 25 years.

What Is The Best Way To Maintain Eucalyptus Furniture?

To make Eucalyptus furniture last for a long time it requires the proper annual maintenance like oiling and staining. The wood oil should be properly applied to the furniture using a soft cloth to maintain its gracefulness for the years. Alternatively, the wood can also be treated with high-quality water-based acrylic sealant annually to keep it healthy.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Eucalyptus Furniture


The Eucalyptus is best used for patio /outdoor furniture due to its following advantages:
High Density And Sturdiness: In comparison with the other types of wood the Eucalyptus comes with superb density and strength. The wood can bear any sort of harsh climatic conditions.
Toughness And Endurance: Its ultimate toughness and endurance feature make the furniture last for long.
Highly Resistant To Rot: The wood is naturally abundant in antifungal and antimicrobial properties which keeps it protected against the decay or rot.
Content In Oil: Eucalyptus is rich in oil that keeps garden pests away from it.
Easy Maintenance: The furniture made up of Eucalyptus requires minimum maintenance and oiling from time to time.
Speedy Growth: The Eucalyptus grows at a fast pace and is the ultimate source of renewable wood.

Disadvantages/ Cons

Few of the disadvantages of Eucalyptus furniture includes:
Shrinkage: The wood shrinks easily that results in the cracks.
Treatment: Requires staining or oiling on a regular basis to keep it maintained.
Needs Covering: The furniture requires the proper coverage to keep it protected from the harsh cold weather either need to keep inside.
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