Ethan Allen Furniture Accessories: Overview, Address, Phone Number

General Overview, Address And Phone Number

What Furniture Accessories They Offer?
Ethan Allen Furniture Accessories are known for their unique designs and contemporary looks, they are so designed that they will make any space look elegant and modern. They have a huge range of Furniture Accessories to choose from, for example, the one given below:
Rinna Pedestal Accent Table
This is a small accent table but is big on presence. It is a small versatile pedestal table that has the antique looks. It has a flawless design which is due to sand-casting. Rinna Pedestal is made from the good quality aluminum and an Oil-rubbed bronze that is why it has the exquisite rustic looks.
Contact Details
Phone Number888.324.3571
Email Support:The customers can also get in touch with them on
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