Engineered Wood Vs MDF: Comparison Between Engineered Wood, MDF, & Particle Board

Comparison Between Engineered Wood And MDF

Engineered Wood

Engineered Wood is a man-made wood. The Engineered Wood products are made by fixing many wood boards together with adhesive. The Engineered Wood lasts for 100 years. Some of the examples of Engineered Wood products are plywood, particleboard, etc. The advantages of Engineered Wood are given below:
  1. Versatile: The wood products that are made up of Engineered Wood are versatile and are available in various sizes and grades.
  2. Strength: The Engineered Wood products have sturdy strength.
  3. Easy To Work: The skilled person can easily work on the Engineered Wood using specific tools.

MDF(Medium-Density Fiberboard)

MDF is a type of engineered wood in which wood chips are fixed with one another using lignin and wax. MDF is environment-friendly. It is used for making doors, furniture, and laminated flooring. The MDF wood has many advantages, some are given below:
  1. Strength: The MDF wood products are stronger.
  2. Price: MDF is not expensive.
  3. Smooth Surface: MDF has a smooth surface where the paint can be applied easily.

Particle Board

Particle Board is an engineered wood product. It is a waterproof material which is used for making ready-made furniture. It has low weight and is available in the market at lower rates. It is a strong wood material. It has soundproofing property. Most of the office furniture products are made up of particle board.


Plywood is also a type of engineered wood product. It is formed by pressing the veneer wood sheets together. It is a strong wood material. Plywood is available in different thicknesses and grades. Plywood is expensive and has splinters on edges.
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