Engineered Wood Furniture Pros And Cons: General Overview, Advantages And Disadvantages

General Overview

Engineered Wood is most commonly known as man-made wood and is made up of using different solid or hardwood waste like veneers, fibers, boards, etc. The wood is used for making a number of the constructions, and furniture. However, it must be noted that the engineered wood does not have the characteristics of solid wood. The best part of the engineered wood is that it comes with the easy installation. The stapling, glueing and nailing down is also easy on engineered wood.

Does Engineered Wood Furniture Offer Durability?

The furniture pieces made up of the engineered wood comes with satisfactory durability, however, does not compare the natural solid wood. Additionally, engineered wood furniture also lacks the grace and elegance of solid wood furniture.

Is Engineered Wood Furniture Waterproof?

Since wood is made up of the several layers it comes with better moisture resistance but not the waterproof.


The Engineered wood furniture comes with various advantages and some of them are mentioned below:
Affordable: As compared to solid wood furniture the Engineered wood furniture is available at affordable rates.
Ready Made: The engineered wood furniture pieces are manufactured using machines and are readily available in the market.
Pre Laminated: The wood is pre-laminated that in turn increases the durability and beauty of the furniture.
Light Weight: The furniture built up with the engineered wood are light in weight and are easy to transport from one place to another.

Disadvantages/ Cons

The main cons/ disadvantages of engineered wood furniture are mentioned below:
Damage: The furniture made up of the engineered wood gets damaged easily.
Hard To Repair: Any scratch or water stain on this furniture is hard to fix.
Does Not Expand: The engineered wood lacks the feature of expanding or contracting unlike solid wood hence are more prone to cracks and wraps.
Outdoors: The engineered wood made furniture are not suitable for the patio or outdoor environments as it has a tendency of water soaking that may result in the decay.
Less Durability: Does not have more durability as solid wood furniture.
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