Engineered Hardwood Vs Laminate: Flooring, Durability, Basements, Resale Value

Comparison Between Engineered Hardwood Vs Laminate Flooring


It is essentially a rigid synthetic floor which is also known as composite, Pergo, as well as floating wood tile. It’s made from the several layers of compressed materials.

Engineered Hardwood:

It is also referred to as man-made wood, Which was created to address the weak points of natural wood like weakness to moisture and warping.
Both the woods are popular hardwoods, they share similarities in looks as well as in composition. However, there are some key differences between them which are mentioned below:
  1. Appearance: Laminate wood looks synthetic wood, while as Engineered Wood has more authentic look.
  2. Cost: Regarding the cost laminate wood is very less expensive than the Engineered Wood, For the economical choice laminate is the best option.
  3. Care & Maintain: Engineered Hardwood is very easy to clean with a damp mop and special wood cleaner. The synthetic layer of Laminate is usually very smooth, which means that it’s also easy to wipe clean.
  4. Installation: Laminate hardwood is very easy to install like the flooring can be installed in a day due to its thin, lightweight and interlocks pattern with other planks. The new version of the Engineered hardwood comes with interlocks.
  5. Repairs: Laminate hardwood is easy to install therefore it is easy to remove for repairs, in case of Engineered hardwood, if the veneer is thin less than 2mm it can't be repaired.


Laminate wood is tough due to its compressed layers and a top wear layer that makes it the perfect option for the homes and businesses with plenty of foot traffic. While as Engineered Hardwood is more strong and resistant to the water than Hardwood and can easily withstand more unexpected events, it can be refinished fewer times to enhance its life, in case it is thick enough.

Moisture Resistance/Basements:

Laminate hardwood if installed properly can be nearly waterproof, in case of the floating floor it's more prone to water damage. Engineered hardwood can be used in basements where the other hardwood cannot be used.

Engineered Hardwood Vs Laminate Resale Value

Laminate hardwood is not expensive than Engineered Hardwood which in turn means that Engineered Hardwood has more resale value than the laminate.
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