Electric Fireplaces Vs Gas Fireplaces: Comparison Between Electric & Gas Fireplaces

Comparison Between Electric And Gas Fireplaces

The comparison between Electric Fireplaces And Gas Fireplaces on the basis of some of their properties are mentioned below:


Both of them comes in a wide range of beautiful designs that can complement any room. But of the two, the gas fireplaces have the more realistic look, this is because of the reason that gas produces a flame and heat which the user can see and feel. Whereas electric fireplace does not produce any flames but still produces heat. Instead of flames, they produce the image of a burning log. This totally depends on the model purchased and its quality, this image can look real in its appearance.


Incase of the energy-efficiency, both types of fireplaces again comes in a wide range depending on size and model. The Gas fireplaces use between 7,000 and 16,000 BTUs, and is efficient in converting 70 and 90% energy to heat. Whereas in electric fireplaces it uses between 5,200 and 8,900 BTUs and convert all of the available energy to heat. However the user needs to keep in mind, that while the electric heater is more efficient on the surface, but it will not warm the room well as a gas fireplace does.


When compared to wood-burning fireplace, both gas and electric fireplaces are very much easier to install. The gas fireplace requires that the gas line to run to the area, for most of the models a small vent is needed. If the uers's are unable to run a vent the non-venting units are also available, its simply hooked up in place. The electric fireplaces need to be simply pluged where they will be used. Its advisable that, both should be installed by a professional. Otherwise, most of the homeowners can set up an electric unit by themselves, but while a gas fireplace will need professional assistance almost every time.


Gas fireplaces are considered to be very low maintenance when they are compared with the wood-burning fireplaces, but they do need yearly maintenance. The vent of the gas fireplace must be inspected yearly and cleaned properly as needed. Besides that the Valves also needed to be checked for any kind of leakage and to make sure they are working properly. Whereas incase of electric fireplaces there is no regular maintenance this is due to the reason they do not burn gas or require vents.


In the safety department the gas fireplaces become hot very quickly. While they are considered safe, the glass doors that house the gas fireplace unit can become hot to burn if they are touched. If the gas unit is not maintained properly, it can cause significant health problems and a fire hazard as well if the leakage is detected and dealt with quickly. Electric units have very fewer safety concerns, but like any other space heater, it may cause electrical fires if its damaged. Most of the new electric units have automatic shut-off features that helps to off the heater if the unit becomes overheated, which in turn helps to prevent fire.

Environmental Concerns

The gas fireplaces are efficient because they convert nearly about 90% of their energy into heat. However, burning it releases some particles into the atmosphere and the gas is a non-renewable resource. The gas fireplaces is considered clean-burning which means it does not produce harmful levels of carbon dioxide. The electric fireplaces use very less energy and do not release particles into the air directly, but it should be considered that the process of producing electricity to power gives off harmful CO gas into the atmosphere. It is also a non-renewable resource.
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