Effective Ways To Treat Coronavirus COVID-19: Treatment For Coronavirus COVID-19

Effective Ways For Treatment Of The Coronavirus COVID-19

Right now the world is much desperate to find out the ways that can slow or stop the spread of the COVID-19. There are almost 2000 medical trials of the vaccine or the treatment for the COVID-19 and most of the trials are still going on. The medicine that is used for the trials has been repurposing from the flu and the malaria treatments that were developed many years ago. Here are some of the treatments that might help the world to fight the Coronavirus COVID-19:

Antiviral EIDD-2801

The oral drug that is termed as the EIDD-2801 has pretended as the promising medicine to treat the human lungs and the airway cells. The scientists reported on the 6th April that this medicine can be very effective to block the COVID-19 than the Remdesivir as the trial of this drug was also started in the month of March. The Remdesivir prevent the COVID-19 from the complete replication, the EIDD-2801 drugs brings the genetic variations to the RNA of the virus and when the RNA of the virus makes its copies as the many destructive variations collect up that the COVID-19 virus will no longer be in the position to infect up the human cells. The remdesivir drug is injected directly in the blood vessels of the humans while the EIDD-2801 drug can be swallowed easily in the form of the pill. The EIDD-2801 is the oral medicine that can be managed to the patients at home after the early diagnosis of the Virus.

Japan Flu Drug

The medicine that was made in japan by the Fujifilm chemicals is also showing its positive outcomes in treating those COVID-19 patients who are having the least or the mild infection. This drug is usually termed as the Avigan or the Favipiravir was first used to those patients who were having influenza and this medicine was used as an experiment over the COVID-19 affected patients. This medicine usually works by preventing the few viruses from the replication and also shortens the lifespan of the virus and also helps to improve the condition of the human lungs. This medicine was also compared with the other flue drugs and the Favipiravir drug helps the patient to get recovered fastly than the Umifenovir but it also shortens the time of those patients who are having the cough or the fever.

Chloroquine And Hydroxychloroquine

These drugs have been approved by the drug administration of the united states of America for treating the patients who are having lupus, malaria or arthritis and the trial of this medicine in humans has suggested that this drug can be used to treat the COVID-19 patients. The Chloroquine interrupts the power of the COVID-19 virus to replicate and to enter the cells of the humans. The hydroxychloroquine can also be used to protect those humans who are living with the COVID-19 affected patients so as to prevent themselves from getting infected with this virus.
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