Easiest Way To Hang Curtains: Two Easy Methods Of Hanging Curtains

Two Easy Methods Of Hanging Curtains

If in case the users do not want to destroy their walls or maybe they are renting the place where they are not able to do modifications. There are so many easy ways by which the users can easily hang their curtains that too without drilling down the holes within the surface of the wall. The users can use the sticky hooks or the tension rod to hang their curtains at home. Here are two easy methods to hang the curtains at home:

Method I: Using The Adhesive Hooks

  • Buy The Adhesive Hooks: Start by purchasing the hooks that should be able to behold the weight of the curtains. These kinds of hooks usually come in various weight capacities. The users need to be assured that the hooks that they are buying should be strong enough to behold the curtain and the curtain rod so that they will not fall down easily. The regular adhesive hooks can hold the weight up to sixteen pounds. The users can easily purchase the hooks at their nearby home store and they need to purchase the 2 pairs of the hooks for hanging up their curtains. Nowadays these kinds of hooks are also having the stylized version that is made up of the wood and then metal. The users are advised to choose these varieties, if in case they are more concerned regarding the aesthetics then they are advised to choose the stylized hooks.
  • Trim The Angle: Then trim the right angle from the cardboard pieces. After that, draw the square to near about two inches in depth in the cardboard pieces edges. Then the users need to trim it by using the scissors so as to make the right angle. The users need to use the cardboard piece in the edge so as to mark where they want to actually hang up their hooks so that they are in level with one another.
  • Line Up The Cardboard: Now line up the cardboard with the corner of the window and then mark down the hook base on it. The window corner needs to be lined with the angle that they trimmed from the cardboard. Then hold up the hook on the cardboard where exactly they desire to hang it and mark its base on the surface of cardboard by using the pencil.
  • Push The Pencil: Next push the pencil within the marked area so as to mark down the wall. The users need to align the cardboard with the window edge where they will puncture it by using the pencil.
  • Rotate The Cardboard: Then rotate the cardboard and mark down the same place on the other window edge. Now line up the hooks with marked area and then press it for near about thirty seconds. Allow the adhesive that is on the hooks to get dried off completely for almost thirty minutes.
  • Place The Curtains: Finally the users need to place their curtains over the hooks so as to examine how perfectly it will hold up the curtains. Then they need to string their curtains on the rod so as to hang it upwards. Once the users draw their curtains they are advised to let the curtains sit for near about one hour so as to be assured that the adhesive present on the hook can easily behold the weight.

Method II: Using The Tension Rod

  • Calculate The Measurements: Start by calculating the measurements from the one window side to another side. Then start from the inner window corner and calculate the adjacent inner corner so as to attain the width of the window. The users need to use this measurement so as to buy the perfect sized tension rod for their curtains.
  • Purchase The Rod: The users need to purchase the tension rod that will easily fit inside their window. Usually, the tension rods are having the mechanism within them that makes the tension when so ever its ends are pressed adjacent to the frame of the window. If in case the rod is very short then it won't be able to make more tension and if in case the rod is very long then it will create more tension. The users can easily purchase the tension rod at their nearby hardware store. The tension rod is ideal to hang down the light and the small-sized curtains.
  • Adjust The Rod: Then the users need to adjust the rod so that it is a bit longer than the actual width of the window. The ideal way to adjust the rod length will completely depend upon the model that they are using.
  • Insert The Rod: Now the users need to insert the tension rod within the frame of the window and then mark its every end. Then they need to use the pencil so as to make the circle around the rod end where it is pushed within the frame. The users are advised to be assured that they use the level so that the rod is even before the users mark down their marks.
  • Take Down The Rod: Then take the rod down and hang the curtains over it. Then drift the hoops on their curtains on the rod. They need to be assured that all the panels they want to use are facing the correct direction accordingly. If in case their curtains are having the clips rather than having the hoops then they do not require to take their rod down so as to hang them up.
  • Hang The Rod And Curtains: Finally hang the rod and the curtains and to do so the users need to insert the rod within the frame so that its ends are perfectly lined with the marks that they have earlier marked. If in case the rod is not feeling secure then take it downwards and then line it up respectively.
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