Easiest Way To Clean Wood Blinds: Two Easy Methods Of Cleaning Wood Blinds

Two Easy Methods Of Cleaning Wooden Blinds

The Wooden blinds are a great addition to any window and will help to create a more sophisticated look than the typical, vinyl, plastic as well as cloth blinds. Like the other blinds, wooden blinds also require care when being cleaned. The different cleaning methods are shown below:

Dusting Method

  • Feather Duster Or Microfiber Cloth: For the dusting process, do not use the rough material because it can accidentally scratch them. However, the microfiber cloth or light feather duster is the best tool to quickly remove dust from the blinds.
  • Close The Blinds: In order to make the blinds sit flat against the window close them. The blinds come with an adjusting rod that makes them open as well as close. Rotate it to close the blinds completely as this will help the user to target one side of the blinds.
  • Wiping: Start dusting each slat individually from left to right. Using the feather duster or microfiber cloth and begin to wipe each slat. Make sure to focus on each slat individually for best cleaning.
  • Rotate The Blinds: Rotate the blinds by adjusting rod in the opposite direction to open the blinds from another side. Repeat the same process.

Washing Method

  • Fill A Bucket: Take a bucket and fill it with 1 to 2 inches of warm water. If the blinds have too much built-up dirt, then the simple dusting will not be enough. A deep clean for wooden blinds requires the user to use water. It is advised to not mix any of the cleaners or chemicals with the water.
  • Clean Sock Or Soft Cotton Rag: Take a clean sock or the soft cotton rag and dab it into the water. The wooden blinds that make prolonged contact with the water can cause the blinds to spot as well as warp. To avoid this, lightly dab the cloth and wring the excess water out before using it. The user only needs a little bit of water to dampen the cloth and not totally saturate it.
  • Closed Position: After the step is done the user needs to angle the wood slats to an almost closed position. Positioning the wooden slats to the almost closed position will help to make the wiping each individual slat easy.
  • Wiping: Start the wiping process from the top and then wipe down each slat individually. Using the damp rag, to wipe each slat from left to right. Once the user has done wiping one side, then make sure to also wipe the other side. It is important to make sure to scrub harder on the areas with tough stains, in a circular motion.
  • Dry: Each slat must be dried individually using a dry rag. The water can warp, discolor, or can even create spots on wood blinds. To prevent this, make sure to get all of the water off from the blinds with a dry rag. The user can dry each of the slats with a microfiber cloth, or a soft cotton rag.
  • Angle The Slats: Now the user needs to angle the slats in the other way and repeat the process. Clean the other side of the wooden slats by simply angling them onto the other side and then repeat the process of wiping and drying them.
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