Drywood Termites Droppings: Methods To Kill

General Overview

Termites are quite destructive pests that feed on wood and can damage the expensive wooden structure. There are two types of termites families found in America i.e., Drywood termites and subterranean termites. Drywood termites can be found in wood whereas subterranean termites can be found underground as they require moist soil for survival. Once the dry wood termites start eating the wood, they expel termite waste known as "Frass" or "Termite Droppings". The expelled termite waste looks like pellets that can accumulate into small piles. Besides that, there are other signs with which Drywood termites infestation can be detected such as winged insects coming out from wood areas, discarded wings that are shed by Alates, and wood blistering.

Methods To Kill Drywood Termites

There are several methods to kill Drywood termites as mentioned below;
  1. Orange Oil Method: Orange oil refers to oil extracted from the orange peel that cannot be soluble in water. It has been recommended to handle the oil carefully as it is dangerous for humans causing stomach problems and irritation in eyes & skins. First, the user needs to drill small holes into the infested wood structure and pour orange oil inside hollow spaces. Orange oil is used to destroy the cell membranes of several varieties of insects and the user can see the result in infested wood structure within a week or two.
  2. Sunlight Method: An inexpensive method to kill Drywood termites is sunlight as darkness is liked by termites. Once the infested wood is exposed to sunlight, the termites present in it will sweep off automatically. For example, place the infested furniture outside in direct sunlight for several days and the termites will get killed automatically.
  3. Electrocution Method: The most effective method to kill Drywood termites is the electrocution method. First, the user needs to drill small holes inside the infested wood structure and then electrocute the termites present inside with an electric wire.
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