Drying Hardwood Floors Water Damage: Easy Way To Dry Out

Easy Way To Dry Out The Hardwood Floors

The easy way to dry out the Hardwood Floors that are damaged by the Water is as follows;
  1. Remove: The first step is to remove all the floor covering, it is important because the area under the wooden floor will not dry until the wood is wet. Remove all the wet rugs, mats and carpets.
  2. Visible Water: The other important step is to dry the visible water quickly when the floor gets wet. The toweling and Mopping may be enough.
  3. Scrub: Using a brush and detergent start scrubbing the floor before the floor gets dry, in case of the flood damage then there will be slit and mud trapped in the corners and crevices, so before the floor dries try to clean it.
  4. Remove: Under this step the user needs to remove some of the boards so that the water damage under floor fully dry and other boards will expand, this will to dry the floor very fast.
  5. Use Fans: Now use the high speed fans to dry the area faster, use the large fans to circulate the air.
  6. Moisture Content: Before starting the refinishing process it is very important check the moisture conten of the floor. The moisture content can be measured from the reading device, normally the moisture content should be 5 % of reading of the undamaged area.
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