Dresser Makeover With Wallpaper: Benefits & Easy Steps To Fix Wallpaper On Dresser

Benefit And Easy Steps For Fixing The Wallpaper On Dresser

The wallpaper is increasingly becoming popular nowadays due to its variety of patterns, durability, colours, and cost-saving properties. The biggest benefit of wallpaper is that its very easy to change, the user can change it any time without taking much time and effort as well. Wallpaper has many benefits and conveniences. There are different types of wallpaper nowadays like Korean wallpaper, Japanese, American, Chinese, etc.


There are a number of advantages/benefits of using wallpaper on the dresser and some of them are mentioned below:
  1. Many Options: Wallpaper has many options than painting. The user can use the wallpaper with each beautiful patterns to personalize dresser in a house. The wallpaper can also be changed with ease.
  2. Affordable Price: The Wallpaper is available in different price ranges that could fit the user's budget. If in case the user is looking for an affordable yet practical option, then the wallpaper could be the right choice. The user can also save a lot of time when it comes to the installation.
  3. No Contamination And No Toxic: When the paint is on the dresser, some paint materials are not friendly to the environment as they are made up of using low-quality materials that are very harmful to health and also produces the harmful volatile organic compounds. But in case of wallpaper, there is no harmful material.
  4. Suitable For All: Sometimes its very hard to meet everyone needs when it comes to painting the dresser or any other furniture in house. With wallpaper, the user can find the choice of every member for design and pattern.


The steps to fix the wallpaper onto the dresser are as follows:
  1. Dresser: The first step is to have an inexpensive dresser but should have the flat-front drawers.
  2. Cut: Buy the wallpaper according to the taste. After that cut down the rectangles of wallpaper to the exact size of the front of each drawer of the dresser, do this by simply placing the drawers face down on the wallpaper this way it's easy to trace it down on wallpaper.
  3. Attach Wallpaper: In order to fix the wallpaper to the surface use wallpaper paste or even a heavy-duty spray adhesive, apply to the front of the drawers, then apply the paper following the directions mentioned on the adhesive container.
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