Dowel Wood Advantages: Pros And Cons

Advantages Of Dowel Wood

Here are the advantages of dowel wood:
  1. Equipment: The dowel wood joints eliminate the need for screws, staples, and nails.
  2. Secure: Its joints had the pin to runs inside the wood, the dowel wood joint is very strong, and also much stronger than using glue or nails to attach the wood.
  3. Create: It is easy to make dowel wood joints at home to provide net finish to wood working.
  4. Easy To Assemble: The dowel wood is very easy to assemble to make dowel joints.
  5. Quick Process: It is a quick process to fix the joints of the wood working.
  6. Lifespan: The lifespan of dowel wood is medium up to 10-12 years. The dowel wood is best to make joint for wood working.

Disadvantages Of Dowel Wood

Here are the disadvantages of dowel wood:
  1. Time: The dowel wood takes too much time to make perfect dowel joints for wood working.
  2. Right Align: It is difficult to get the right align because the user can't use drill to the dowel wood.
  3. Grain: The face to face grain is completely absent in the dowel wood.
  4. Difficulty: The user will face difficulty while inserting the dowel joint in wood working because it slips little bit.
  5. Repair: The user can't repair the dowel wood because it is not so durable.
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