Douglas Fir Wood Advantages: General Overview

General Overview

The Douglas fir wood belongs to an evergreen pine family species. This Douglas Fir Wood tree usually grows in the large to medium-sized trees and the leaves of this tree are usually flat and extremely soft. The Douglas Fir Wood tree usually prefers to grow in the acidic soil or the neutral soils as well. The Douglas Fir Wood is also used in decorating the parks and the gardens. Some Christian community people also use this tree as their Christmas tree. The leaves of the Douglas fir wood is also used in making the pine-needle tea and the bark of this tree is also used in making the medicines for the various harmful diseases.

Advantages of the Douglas Fir Wood

Here are some of the advantages of the Douglas Fir Wood:
  1. Durable: The Douglas Fir wood is very durable and that is why it is used in making the furnishing items, boat building and flooring planks as well.
  2. Water Resistant: This type of wood is water-resistant and can last for a long time in harsh weather conditions as this wood is having the ability to maintain its actual size dimensions and can also dry faster than the other hardwoods. Because of all these properties, this type of wood is ideal to get installed in humid areas.
  3. Easily Refinished And Stained: The Douglas fir wood can easily be refinished and stained easily unless like other hardwood floorings.
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