Dog Proof Hardwood Floor Finish: Different Ways To Proof Floor

Different Ways To Dog Proof The Hardwood Floor Finish

There are many by which the users can protect the hardwood floor finish from dogs. Some of the ways are mentioned below:
  1. Choose A Factory-Finished Wood: The selection of factory finish for hardwood floors is one of the best option to protect the floor from dogs. The factory finish is a tougher finish. So, always use the prefinished hardwood floors as these floors are sealed with aluminum oxide-urethane finish.
  2. Consider Distressed Or Hand-scraped Hardwoods: Prefer to use distressed hardwood floor because these floors have a rough style due to which dents and scratches on the floor are less noticeable. The hardwood floor which is having character marks and knots on its surface also hides the scratches.
  3. Choose Wood Floors With Stronger Graining: The dogs create scratches and dents on the floor surface and to avoid these the users must choose the hardwood floor which is strong grained. The best example of the strong grained wood floor is red oak.
  4. Use More Coats Of Finish: To protect the hardwood floor from scratches created by the dogs, the user need to apply a number of finish coats on the floor surface. By applying the finish a plastic coat develops on the floor surface. When the dog scratches the plastic coat of finish gets damaged and the floor remains protected.
  5. Use Penetrating Oil: Instead of applying a number of finish coats, the users can use the penetrating oil on the floor surface to protect it from damage.
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