Dog Chewed Couch - How To Repair: Step By Step Guide Of Repairing The Dog Chewed Couch

Step By Step Guide Of Repairing The Dog Chewed Couch

If in case the users are having the pet animals in their home, then they might have to pay the price of damaging their furnishing items. The teeth and the claws of the pet animals can easily minimize the plush material in few seconds and that item can either be a couch or the chair. The chewed couch can appear unpleasing and ofter irritates the users. The users are advised not to throw away their furnishing items. It is quite simple to repair and restore the slite damaged couch but the users need to have patience while performing this procedure. The user can easily repair their dog chewed couch at home by following the below-mentioned steps:
  • Use The Mixture: Start by filling up the spray bottle with the mixture of the vinegar. Then the users need to spray the mixture to the saliva stains that are specifically left when the pet animal chews the couch. The users then require to wipe down the stain by using the rag and then try to lift up the stains within the surface of the upholstery.
  • Replace The Stuffing: Then the users need to replace the stuffing that might come out from the couch arms or from the cushions of the couch. If in case the users find out that the pre-existing stuffing can still be used then they are advised to pack that back within the holes that might be caused because of the dog chewing. If in case the users find out that stiffing is destroyed completely then they require to change the stuffing with the new cotton or the foam.
  • Stitch Up The Holes: After that, stitch up the minute holes by using the sewing kit. The users can also use the patch over the damaged areas by using the iron. The users need to be assured that the patch needs to be of the same color as of the couch so that the other people won't notice it. Then they can easily place the ornamented pillows over those repaired areas so as to hide them accordingly.
  • Sand The Area: Next the users need to sand the destroyed wood of the couch by using the sandpaper so as to smoothen down the surface and to minimize the marks of the dog bite. Then they need to stain down or repaint the couch wood by using the paintbrush so as to hide the destroyed couch part.
  • Use The Slipcover: Finally the users require to slide the slipcover on the couch if in case the user still finds that the repaired part is still noticeable. The slipcover will easily hide up all the damaged areas and will offer a fresh appearance to the couch surface. Then the users need to place the ornamented pillows on the slipcovers respectively.
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