Does Acrylic Furniture Scratch Easily: Chairs

Do Acrylic Chairs Scratch Easily

Acrylic furniture is durable and long lasting. Apply these steps in order to protect the Acrylic Chairs from Scratches
Non-Usage Of Rayon And Polyester: Avoid Rayon or polyester clothes for cleaning the unprotected Acrylic chair as they can add more scratches to it and crack it.
Nail Scratch: For nail, scratch applies silicon-carbide 600-grit sandpaper and rub it in a rounded motion.
Clear Haze: For clearing haze use scratch-remover with electric buffer.
Remove Dust Particles: In order to remove dust particles use wiping method by dumping clean cloth in clean and clear water.
Avoid Ammonia: Don't apply ammonia-based formulations for cleaning the furniture as it creates smoggy appearance on it.
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