DIY Hanging Shelves From Ceiling: 4 Different Ideas To Hang The Shelves From Ceiling

4 Different Ideas To Hang The Shelves From Ceiling

Most of the time the wall shelves rule the homes but the hanging shelves from the ceiling can easily add the flair to any home areas. Apart from the aesthetic value, the hanging shelves can also be used to store up many items. Most of the time the hanging shelves are mostly liked by the home users who are having crowded walls or by those who like the concept of having the hanging shelves. Here are some of the most common ideas related to hanging shelves from the ceiling:

Swinging Rope Shelf

The users can easily add the marine flair to their supported shelf by using the rope. They need to select in between the single thick or the multiple thin ropes that too in the colored or the natural finishes. The counting ropes can also act as the option for hanging the shelf with this technique. In order to install their rhythmical rope shelf, they need to drill down the holes within the shelf at their edges. They need to feed up the rope within each drilled hole and then make the strong knot beneath the shelf base or they can also loop the single thick role within the each drilled pair of the hole and then fasten the top by using the slip-proofed knot mainly the plan is to support the board of the shelf like the swing and also protect the shelf from getting tripped. Then they need to hang down the rope from the hooks or to any hardware that is installed on the joist of the ceiling. The users can also unite the many shelves with one another so as to make the ladder-like effect with this technique by simply adding the knot on the rope beneath each one of the shelves. The users that live in the areas that are prone of getting affected by the earthquakes wish to spread the supporting ropes over the shelves from the floor surface so as to add more stability. The users can also tie up the rope end fastened with the floor surface and they are advised to avoid placing any heavy sized or the fragile things over the surface of the shelves to avoid the damage or the injuries during the earthquake.

Modern Chain Link

The shelves that are supported from the surface of the ceiling with the chains that can appear as the industrial or fragile and that will easily depend on the chain type that the users use. The users are advised to pick the thick and the strong chains to hang the heavily weighted shelves and for the smaller shelves, the users can sue the colored or the brass chains for the more defined look. If in case the users are having the plan to use the heavy chains and the shelves they need to attach the bolts to the joints of the ceiling so as to support the heavyweight or else the user can only use the simple hooks. Then they need to add the other hooks set to unite the chain at the shelf top and to complete up the installation process. These kinds of shelves also swing like the rope shelves and the users that are living in the earthquake-prone place need to spread the chains to the surface of the floor by using the eye bolt joining the chains with the floor for adding more stability. They are advised to avoid placing any heavy sized or the fragile things over the surface of the shelves to avoid the damage or the injuries during the earthquake.

Industrial Threaded Steel

The electricians use the threaded rod in different sizes so as to offer support to the fixtures of the light and to other electrical equipment as well. The user can easily purchase these threaded rods at their nearby home store and then use it to support their hanging shelves. These rods offer the modern feel to any home areas and thus it can also be used for hanging the different shelves. The users need to match up the rod thickness to the shelf weight and then choose the ideal hardware to join the rods with the shelves and with the ceiling as well. For hanging the heavy shelves the users are advised to use the lag bolts for connecting up the rods with the joists of the ceiling.

Suspended Storage System

The heavy shelves supported by the surface of the ceiling can offer the storage space in their basement or the garage areas. Supporting the shelves rather than using the floor affixed racks will also protect up the items from the floods and by keeping the surface of the floor cleaner that can be used for some other purpose as well. The users are advised to install these shelves at the garage corner and use these shelves for storing up the small items so as to forbid the injury or the damage during the earthquake.
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