Distressing Wood With Wire Wheel: Steps For Distressing

Distressing is a technique through which the wood can get the weathered and old look, giving it texture and a rustic appeal. There are different methods that are used for the distressing. However, to distress, the wood using the wire wheel is mentioned below.

Steps for Distressing Wood With Wire Wheel

The customers can get the deep weathered look usually from bare wood if left exposed to the elements. But the user can also achieve the same distressing look with the help of Wire Wheel. This method works well for the softwood because the softwood can be easily distressed with the help of the Wire Wheel. The steps to use the Wire Wheel are as follows:
  1. Dust Mask: One of the important steps is to wear the mask because this process will be a little bit messy.
  2. Load: Then the user can load wire wheel or brush in the chunks of the drill and then move the brush over the area in the directions of the wood grains.
  3. Wood Fibers: Wire Wheel can easily dig out the wood fibers and will leave denser wood grains.
  4. Pressure: In order to achieve the different levels of the texture apply the varying amount of the pressure.
  5. Natural: Try to make the scratches with the wire brush look natural and not deliberate.
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