Distressing Furniture With Two Colors: Simple Steps For Distressing With Two/Multiple Colors

General Overview

Distressing furniture is the ultimate way to make the furniture look matchless and elegant. The furniture with distressed look enhances the overall beauty of the space. There are numerous ways to distress furniture that includes single and double method techniques. Distressing furniture with two different colors is a perfect way to give it an ultimate makeover. Moreover, it is very much possible to make the furniture distressed by own without any need for professional help.

Simple Steps To Distress Furniture With Two/Multiple Colors

Simple steps to distress furniture with two/ multiple colors are mentioned as below.
  1. Latex Paint: The first thing is to opt for two latex paint colors in order to apply the first coat over the furniture and followed by the dark coat of another paint color.
  2. Drop Cloth: Place the piece of the drop cloth under the furniture piece that needs to be distressed and grab all the painting items.
  3. Cleaning: Prior application of paint ensure to clean the furniture pieces using a mild detergent and follow it by rubbing with the damp cloth.
  4. Dry It: Once cleaning is done dry tit finely using dry towel cloth.
  5. Hardware Removal: Remove the hardware parts if any on the furniture like knobs, handles, etc with the help of the screwdriver.
  6. Sanding: Smooth sand the furniture piece to eliminate the paint from it and wipe off the residue using a clean soft cloth.
  7. Upside Down: If the furniture piece is table or chair turn them in the upside-down direction. Make sure to remove the doors or drawers if any in order to make the painting process easy.
  8. First Color Application: The application of the first paint color is required to be initiated from top to bottom and cover the entire areas.
  9. Dry: Once the first paint color application is done allow the piece to dry for approximately 24 hours in a dust free place.
  10. Top Color: Apply the topcoat of the paint in the same way as the first coat and allow to dry for the night.
  11. Sanding: Proceed with the sanding using fine-grit sandpaper to give it the aged appearance. Sanding on the areas like armrests, handles, etc.
  12. Distressed Look: To attain the distressed look White paint need to be exposed at certain places and another color must be exposed in other areas.
  13. Poke Holes: Dig some holes on the piece to give it real aged look with the help of the screwdriver.
  14. Wipe Off: Wipe-off the piece using a soft cloth in order to remove the sanding dust and dirt and reattach the removed hardware.
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