Distressing Furniture With Acrylic Paint: Wood, Antiquing

Can You Distress Wood With Acrylic Paint

Yes, the user needs to follow some of the steps given below:
  • Prepare The Surface: First of all sand the surface, so that the surface becomes rough while sanding the surface the user needs to apply different types of pressure, then clean the surface with a clean cloth.
  • Apply Base Paint: Now the user needs to apply the base paint, use the darkest shade, then allow the paint to dry for 24 hours.
  • Create A Paint Wash: To create a paint wash mix the lighter shade of paint in water but don't make the solution too thin.
  • Apply Top Layer: Then apply the wash with a foam to the surface.
  • Distress Edges: Finally the customer needs to distress the edges and corners wwith the help of sandpaper to create more authenticated look.

Antiquing Furniture With Acrylic Paint

The user can use the acrylic paint to Antiquing Furniture in the following way:
Firstly the user needs to create the wash, mix the acrylic paint with water for example 1 part of paint to 3 parts of water mix well to make an inky solution. To check the wash brush the coats on paper until the desired results are achieved. Almost all the craft acrylic paints are acid-free. Then apply the solution to the surface.
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