Distressing Furniture: Different Methods To Distress

Distressing is the process by which the users can make the furniture product to look older and aged. Distressing provides a weathered look to the furniture. It is a type of art form with the help which the old furniture can appear to be new.

Different Methods To Distress Furniture

Method 1

To distress the furniture the users can follow the below-given steps:
  1. Gather All Tools And Material: The first step is to collect all the material and tools that are needed for distressing the furniture like rags, paint, drop cloths, candle, steel wool, polyurethane, sandpaper, stain, and paintbrushes.
  2. Prepare Space: Next step is to place the furniture piece at the working area and cover the area with drop cloths. Take away the hardware components from the furniture piece and store them at a safe place.
  3. Sand And Clean The Piece: Take sandpaper and make the surface and edges of the furniture smooth by sanding. Then clean the sanded residue and dirt particles from the furniture surface with the help of rag.
  4. Paint The Piece: Now the users need to purchase the two paint colors, one for base layer another for the top layer to distress the piece. Then apply one color paint to the furniture and if required apply the second layer of paint to the furniture and leave the paint on furniture to dry.
  5. Apply Wax And Top Layer Of Paint: Before applying the second paint color, the users need to rub the candle on the various areas of the furniture to show up the second color in the final result. Then apply the second paint to the entire furniture.
  6. Distress The Piece With Sandpaper And Steel Wool: When the paint on furniture dries completely, take a sandpaper and steel wool to distress the furniture. Rub the furniture surface with steel wool until the base color of the furniture reveals. The users need to be sure to distress along the corners and edges of the furniture. Then clean the residue particles from the surface of the furniture with the help of clean rag.
  7. Apply A Stain: For providing an antique look to the furniture the users need to apply the stain to the furniture in a straight motion and clean the extra stain from furniture by using a rag. Then let the stain dries.
  8. Protect The Finish: Last step is to apply the polyurethane finish to the furniture to protect the color of the finish. When the finish dries reinstall the hardwood components.

Method 2

Here are the steps of the second method that helps the user to distress the furniture:
  1. Material And Tools Required: The users need to gather all the materials and tools like a screwdriver, roller, paint tray, power sander, primer, stain, sandpaper, foam brush, paint, paintbrush, polyurethane, and rags.
  2. Clean Furniture, Remove Doors And Hardware: Wipe the dirt and residue particles from the furniture surface with the help of rags. Then take a screwdriver and remove the screws and hinges from the furniture to remove the hardware components.
  3. Sand The Surface: Next step is to take a power sander and sand the furniture surface. Make the top layer of the furniture rough and distress the edges and corners.
  4. Prime And Paint: Now with the help of roller and brush apply a layer of primer on to the furniture. When the primer dries completely apply a layer of paint on the furniture by using a brush.
  5. Re-sand The Furniture: When the paint dries completely re-sand the furniture for distressed look. With the help of sander take away the little amount of primer and paint to show up the wood.
  6. Apply Stain: Now apply stain on the distressed painted surface in a straight motion and clean the extra stain from the furniture surface. The stain is available in various colors; the users can choose the appropriate one.
  7. Apply Polyurethane: Then seal the distressed look of the furniture with polyurethane and apply it on the furniture with the help of foam brush.
  8. Reinstall Doors And Hardware: At last reinstall the screws and hinges for attaching the doors. Try to install the new knobs that match with the finished look of the furniture.
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