Distressing Chalk Paint With Wet Rag: Steps To Distress Chalk Paint

Steps to Distress Chalk Paint With Wet Rag

The chalk paint is also known as Chalkboard paint which creates a chalkboard coating. Chalk paint contains some chemicals like carbon black, silica, esters, etc. The wood furniture like chair, bed, tables can also be painted with the help of chalk paint. Distressing the chalk paint from the wet rag is not an easy task to do. The old look of rag, damages, and stains are the main reason for distressing the paint. So here are some steps for distressing Chalk Paint with Wet Rag. Follow the given steps carefully:
  1. Wet Cloth: The first step to start the work is to take a wet cloth and go ahead and rub away the paint. Gently rub the area with a wet cloth for up to 5-10 minutes.
  2. Sprayer: Water bottle or sprayer is used to keep the cloth wet and damp. So if the cloth gets dry after some time again make it wet and carry on the work.
  3. Sealing: Always use the best sealer to seal the pieces because the sealer will help the product to get harmed by sunlight or with other types of damages.
  4. Scrubby Sponge: The best, easy and the cheapest way to apply the sealer is to use yellow detailer sponge or scrubby sponge. Scrubby Sponge will soak the sealer and will apply it well over the surfaces of rags.
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