Distressing Black Furniture: 5 Easy Steps To Distress

5 Easy Steps To Distress Black Furniture

Distressing is the best technique to give wood faded or wrinkled designs on the edges and the corners of the wood furniture. The technique of Distressing is mostly used in clothes as well as furniture. The black furniture always looks different from other furniture colors and farmhouse is the best place to keep black furniture. Distressing the black wood furniture is a good idea in order to give a bold look to the farmhouse. The distressing method is very easy and user-friendly, in order to distress black furniture, the user needs to follow the given steps. Just follow the given steps carefully to get the best results of distressing:
  1. Clean: The first step to distress the Black Furniture is to clean and prepare the wood furniture first. Use a drop cloth for cleaning the wood furniture.
  2. Sanding: Now sand the wood furniture with the small grit sandpaper lightly but don't sand too deeply because it will harm the surface.
  3. Paint: Now start painting the wood furniture with the black wood paint. Use paintbrush, roller or sprayer to paint the wood furniture.
  4. Distress: After painting the black wood furniture, start distressing technique with steel wool or with the sandpaper and let the painted wood furniture dry for a maximum of 3-4 hours.
  5. Polyurethane: After following all the steps carefully, it’s time to give a final coat of polyurethane to the wood furniture. Apply the polyurethane on distressed wood and let the furniture dry.
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