Disadvantages Of Leather Furniture: Pros And Cons

Pros And Cons Of The Leather Furniture

Some of the pros and Cons of Leather Furniture are mentioned below:


  1. Easy To Clean: The leathr funriture is very easy to clean, in case of the spills it can be cleaned with the lightly dampened cloth.
  2. Resistent: The leather furniture is not susceptible to dust mites and other allergies that the user will find in a fabric sofa, it is a very important pro of the leather furniture.


  1. Fluctuations: One of the con of the leather furniture is that it is more sensitive to the changes in temperature like it will fell warm in summer and cold in winter.
  2. Wear And Tear: It is very much susceptible to the wear and tear like cuts, etc.
  3. Less Options: The leather furniture is available in less options like in clours and patterns.
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