Different Ways To Hang Sheer Curtains: 5 Ultimate Ways Of Hanging Sheer Curtains

5 Ultimate Ways Of Hanging Sheer Curtains

The sheer curtains look awesome and give an eye-catching look to your room but if you are confused about how and where to hang your sheer curtains then don't worry, here are the 5 different ways of hanging your sheer curtains:

Way 1: Sideswept Sheers

Normally, the sheer panels hang side by side from the rod, floor to ceiling, or at least a few inches above your window frame. But why not you overlap the grommet-style sheers, by sweeping each see-through with the panel to the side with tiebacks. This crisscross design's intangible appeal is amplified by hanging your sheer curtains from the ornate hooks, vintage pulls or knobs & letting extra material puddle on your floor and your sheer curtains can be easily paired with the utilitarian blinds mounted inside your window frame.

Idea 2: Porch Perfect

You can also make a sip, snooze, or social gathering on your porch even more enjoyable or romantic by surrounding your structure with the sheers curtains. You need to keep your panels in place with the help of staples, hooks, strung along on rope, or with the help of iron curtain rods. The unconcerned, relaxed flutter will say "welcome" from your driveway or curb.

Idea 3: Branching Out

If you appreciate creative, canning-jar canisters, budget-smart design, or gumboot vases, here is an example, you need to hang lightweight tie-top or tab-top sheers from the branch. You need to use a spray sealer for controlling any insects, & the standard curtain-rod brackets to position the mother nature's hardware above your window.

Idea 4: Hooked On Barn Wood

The driftwood planks reclaimed lumber & the barn wood comes with the built-in charm. The barn wood is whitened with age or speckled with the help of paint remnants but with a few equally spaced hooks on which to hang tab, tie, or grommet sheers curtains and it deserves a 2nd, 7th glance.

Idea 5: Delicate Does It

The hardware, standard, nature-made, or otherwise -- you use to hang your sheers curtains may matter more than you think. The light curtains & wispy translucency makes your curtains appear exquisite, so in keeping, simply use slim hardware to complement them properly, specifically the lacy ones. If you are going to hang sheers under heavier drapery then you need to mount your pairing on a double rod, or something as visibly unintrusive.
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