Different Ways To Hang Grommet Curtains: 8 Ultimate Ways Of Hanging Grommet Curtains

8 Ultimate Ways Of Hanging Grommet Curtains

The curtain hooks are a great choice for some people in order to hang their grommet curtains. In addition to hooks, there are many different & ultimate ways of hanging grommet curtains. If you want to hang your grommet curtains in different ways then this article is for you. Here are the 8 easy & ultimate ways to hang the grommet curtains:

Way 1: Coat Hooks

In order to hold curtain panels, the metal or brass coat hooks needs to be attached above the window. You can also attach curtain rings or fabric ties on the top of the curtains & place over the hooks. Embellishing touches like the bows or silk flowers can be easily attached to the hooks for giving a finishing touch.

Way 2: Glass Or Brass Door Knobs

You can attach glass or brass doorknobs above your window & then tie curtains to the knobs with the help of fabric ties. This solution is also great for a coat rack, you just need to attach your knobs to a nice sanded, stained & sealed wooden base & hang on your wall near your door.

Way 3: Spoons

The bent spoons or spoons bought at a yard sale can make tremendous curtain hardware. You need to use pliers to bend your utensils in the shape of the S-hook & you've created the great hardware for your kitchen curtains.

Way 4: Cup Hooks

The plain type of cup hooks painted with a bright color can be also used to hang grommet curtains. You just need to simply attach fabric ties or curtain rings to your curtains & slip over your cup hooks. They will look great & they are also very inexpensive.

Way 5: Belts

For a western type of themed room, you need to try using the western hand-tooled belts from your nearby thrift stores. You just need to cut them to the same length & loop them through with the curtain tabs & over a curtain rod. Or even better, hang your belts from the horseshoes attached to molding above your window.

Way 6: Clothespins

The old fashioned clothespins will also work well with the lightweight curtains. You just need to attach the top of your curtain to the cord or thin rod across the top of your window. If you want to paint the pins with colorful acrylic paints then do it, if not then you can leave the wood natural.

Way 7: Wire

You need to use picture wire & eye screws to hang the tabbed curtains. Thread the wire all through with the tabs and then through with the eye screw. You can easily attach the eye screws on each side of your window frame. Simply tighten up the wire as you would on the back of the picture frame, by stiffening the eye screw. You can also contemplate using a wired ribbon and this is a bit thicker but this is also more decorative.

Way 8: Drawer Pulls

If you have come across a collection of the single knob drawer pulls then you can easily put them to good use for the curtain hardware. You just need to attach them above your window & tie curtains to the knobs with the help of a fabric tie and this is a great idea for your kitchen. Match the style of your cabinet hardware to get a unified look. You need to look around your kitchen or bathroom for twelve items you can use for hardware. With a little imagination, the windows will be unique & fun.
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