Different Types Of Wood Advantages And Disadvantages: Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons Of Different Types Of Wood

There are a number of wood species that are used for the construction purpose. Some of the popular woods along with their pros and cons are as follows;

Oak Wood

Oak is a type of hardwood that comes in two varieties i.e., white oak and red oak. White oak comes with tiger-stripe grain having yellow flecks and rays whereas red oak ranges from pinkish-red to light brown having a waterlike swirling pattern. Oak is mostly used in the construction of crafts & arts or mission style.
Oak is quite durable and mostly cut in the pattern that makes the wood warp-resistant. Besides that, the wood provides a distinctive look due to the visible wavy grain.
Oak can give two-toned look due to the stain that exaggerates and darkens the grain.

Cherry Wood

Cherry is another type of hardwood that has straight fine grain ranging from reddish blond to brown. The wood is mostly used for the construction of carved chairs.
Cherry wood polishes well and can be shaped easily. Besides that, it has a beautiful rich color until it is unstained.
The wood is too expensive and its color may darken due to age.

Pine Wood

Pine is a wood type that has brown knots and comes in whitish or yellowish color. The wood is lighter in weight and is mostly used to construct rustic furniture.
Pine is inexpensive and takes the paint well that makes it a perfect choice for kids furniture. It can develop a nice rustic patina with use and age. Besides that, the wood is resistant to the swelling and shrinking.
Pine is softwood that makes it prone to dents & scratches.
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