Decorating With Dark Floors And Light Walls: Useful Tips To Decorate A Room With Dark Floor & Light Walls

Useful Tips To Decorate A Room With Dark Floor & Light Walls

The dark hardwood floors look very beautiful. Now if the owner is unable to get the tricks on how to decorate or even furnish with dark floor and light walls, then simply go through some of the useful tips that are mentioned below to guide the owner on decoring the dark wooden floors and the light walls:
  • Dark hardwood floors can look intense at first glance. Here the best trick is to balance it out simply by combining with light colors of the walls. For instance, the blues but soft that is mixed with a white trim gives the best solution. The user can use the warm bamboo walls in different spots of the room. The dark wood floors with grey walls also make a good combination.
  • If the owner has tried the light walls and the dark floor combination but still the floor is very dark, that time simply try to cover as much as possible. The bedrooms are known as the low-traffic areas where the owner does not need to rely on the durability of the floor, the owner will find a huge range of the choices.
  • The other good idea is to use the furniture that is lighter in color than the floors. This will help a lot in creating a balanced feel to the room. This way the room will feel light as well as fresh. Some of the people may like to match the aspect of the furniture like chocolate swirled pattern with the dark wood flooring. However, the best trick is to keep it light.
  • The best suitable color for the wall will depend on the size of the room, as well as on the atmosphere that the owner likes to create. For a large room create an atmosphere that is cozy. However, if in the case, the room is very small, and the owner wants it to look bigger that time light wall paint is the best option with the black or dark brown hardwood floors.
  • The other idea is to select the correct curtains that also will make a big impact on the decor. If the owner has attractive windows that time use the curtains that are light-colored. However, for a very bright room and if the owner wishes to block a little bit of the light, that time the dark curtains are the most suitable. Remember to add the lamps so that it will help to make up the less light.
  • The light cabinets or the wooden furniture used with a dark wood floor and light walls will create a unique effect. If the owner has dark hardwood floors in the bedroom that time the cabinets must be white. This will help a lot in offsetting the floors and will give a striking look. Many homeowners state that white cabinets bring out the best in a hardwood floor.
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