Decorating Behind Sectional Sofa: Steps & Items Needed To Decorate Behind Sectional Sofa

The sectional couch is likely going to be the largest furniture item in your living room, drawing your eye precisely in, so make most of it by accordingly decorating your walls behind. Just like the bed in a bedroom, your biggest furnishing in any space needs to be proper decor around it in order to complete a visual hook or focal point. If you have a “U” or “L” shaped sectional sofa, then decorating walls behind it will make it the focal point of the entire room.

Steps And Items Needed To Decorate Behind Sectional Sofa

If you want to decorate the area behind the sectional sofa then you just need to gather the required items and follow the steps afterward. Here is the list of required items and steps for this process:

Things Needed

  • Paint & Artwork Or Mirror
  • Collectibles
  • Shadow Boxes, Shelving, And Hooks
  • Backlighting
  • Curtain Rods And Curtains

Steps For This Process

  • Firstly, you need to paint the wall behind your sectional sofa in a dark, vivid, or any other attractive color. The sectional sofas come always with 2-3 interlocking components & might back on to more than one adjoining wall-stand at the entrance of your space & determine which wall should have color.
  • Typically it's the wall opposite your entryway. You need to choose a paint color that will blends unstrained with the feel of your sofa & home, yet this will allow for a visual punch, just like burnt orange for the abode or a black couch for the modern home full of creams & whites.
  • The focal point of this consequence will sink or counterbalance one end of your room unless balanced antithetical another large piece, like an oversized entertainment stand, large bookcases, or a conspicuous fireplace. In order to make your sectional sofa look amazing, try to paint all surrounding walls using a color that is somehow similar to your sofa.
  • Harmonize your walls, sofa & space with art or a mirror. Hang a contemplative mirror over your seating arrangement in a smaller room that houses a heavy sectional to make your room seem expanded. In a comfortable living room with benevolent wall length by arranging a few striking prints on your walls for pizzazz. No matter what size of the room you are going to work with, keep your artwork or mirrors slenderly within the area over your sectional to keep your wall decor from dominating your sofa.
  • You need to tuck a large plant, tall lamp or statue, like a wooden giraffe if you feel your sectional is empty behind that needs something creative.
  • You need to create a collage with the collectibles. Hang the collection of any object on your walls in order to gain the attention of your guests & then start a communication. Musical instruments, antique books or cameras & baby clothing all have a visual appeal that will be a good choice to hang. You need to use shadow boxes, floating shelves, or hooks to hold the mishmash display. Install your backlighting or use small, clamping the spotlights to highlight the main features.
  • In case your room has a few windows, may be one or two, then best idea is to mount curtain rods & hang beautiful curtains on the walls behind the sectional couch. Use the curtain fabric that pops but it will also work with the color of your sofa & its surroundings.
  • The polka dots, paisley, plaid & stripes offer an accomplished palette from which to tie in your sofa & wall’s colors. For example, if your sofa is leaf green & topped with the soft pink floral cushions & has a backdrop wall of raspberry, you need to choose a handsome tartan window treatment that also includes each color of your grouping to blend inharmoniously. Pull your curtains closed to keep your faux window a secret or hang a paned mirror behind your fabric as a whimsical window.
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