Debenhams Furniture: International, Delivery, Returns

Debenhams Furniture Phone Numbers

For International Calls
+44207 387 8723

For Delivery And Related Queries
0344 800 8877

For Large Electricals & Laptops
01484 481361

For Made-to-measure Curtains
0330 660 0941

For Debenhams Credit Card
0333 220 2519

Return Policy

In case you are not happy with the purchase, you can return it within the period of 28 days and you will get the full refund or in case you want to exchange it, they will surely help you in that as well.

How Can I Cancel or Change My Order?

You can cancel your order within 14 days from the date of purchase. In case the payment is made you cannot cancel it, you need to return it within the 28 days time frame and you will get a complete refund without any delay. If you want to change your order it is not possible because once the order gets placed it cannot be changed. If your order is canceled automatically it is because either the product is not available or the order has failed the security checks through which it gets dispatched for shipping, you need to contact customer service to know about the reasons.
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