Dark Vs Light Laminate Flooring: Differences

General Overview

Both dark and light laminate flooring looks good depends upon one's choice and taste. The light laminate flooring in combination with the dark wood cabinets offers an ultimate look. The light laminate flooring requires less maintenance than that of the darker ones. The scratches, pet hair or the dust is less visible on the light flooring as compared to the dark flooring.

What Are The Differences Between Dark And Light Flooring?

The main differences between the dark and light flooring are mentioned below:

Light Flooring

1.Dirt Less Visible: The dirt and dust on the light wood floors are less visible.
2.Easy To Decorate: The light wood flooring looks extremely classy and can be decorated easily.
3.Pet-friendly: The light wood flooring is ultimate for the homes with pets as pet hairs and dirt is hard to notice on these floors.
4.Easy Maintenance: Does not require much maintenance as it can be cleaned simply by broom.
5.Light: Ideal choice for the rooms or spaces with limited light and highly recommended for the small spaces.
6.Attractive: Looks more attractive, modern and ultra-contemporary in style.

Dark Flooring

1.Open Rooms: The dark flooring is the best option for open rooms and big homes with lots of light.
2.Bold: Offers an clean and bold look.
3.Kitchens And Offices: Much preferred to use in the kitchen, studios, and office areas.
4.Higher Maintenance: The dark flooring require more maintenance as the dirt and the other dust are more visible on the dark floors.
5.Regular Cleaning: Dark laminate floors requires regular cleaning as compared to the lighter flooring.
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