Danish Oil On Floors: Steps To Apply Danish Oil On Hardwood Floors


Danish oil is a natural oil and its easy to work with it. Danish oil is an easy way of finishing the wood. Sometimes the wood floor gets dirty by the stains of coffee and tea and also get scratches and need to be refinished or repaired. Refinishing the wood floor is an expensive way but the danish oil can easily give the new and bold look to the old and scratched wood floor. 1 gallon of Danish oil will cover the 600 square feet of wood flooring.

Steps To Apply Danish Oil On Hardwood Floors

  1. Clean: The first step to apply the Danish oil is to clean the floor using the vacuum cleaner so that all the dust and litter is removed from the floor.
  2. Soak: Clean the floor with dry cleaning pad and soak the dry cloth in Danish oil.
  3. Apply: Now apply the thin layer of Danish oil with a dry cloth and let the floor dry for a while and again apply a thin layer of Danish.
  4. Rub: Rub the oil-soaked cloth onto the floor for up to 10-15 minutes before wiping it.
  5. Wipe: Wipe out all the Danish oil from wood floor with the help of dry cloth. Don’t use any damaged or stained cloth.
  6. Dry: After applying and cleaning the Danish oil from wood floor let the floor dry for maximum up to 24-30 hours. Leave the windows and fan open for faster results of drying the floor.
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