Cypress Wood Advantages: Pros And Cons

The cypress wood is also known as baldcypress wood and the scientific name of cypress is taxodium distichum. Size of cypress tree is 3-5 ft. (1-1.5 m) trunk diameter and 80-120 ft. (24-37 m) tall. Hardness score of cypress in janka is (2,270 N).

Advantages Of Cypress Wood

Here are advantages of cypress wood:
  1. Color: The color of cypress wood is light, yellowish brown and the sapwood is white which looks very attractive.
  2. Grain/Texture: It has Straight grain and medium texture to the coarse texture. Unfinished wood surfaces have a greasy feel.
  3. Rot Resistance And Durable: It is highly durable wood than the other wood and is resistance from rot and water.
  4. Workability: The user can easily use handsaw and other tools on cypress wood. Cypress wood has a good properties like gluing, finishing, nailing, and paint-holding .
  5. Pricing: It is cheap wood as compared to other wood like pine and oak wood.
  6. Uses: The cypress wood is mostly used in making of boatbuilding, exterior construction, docks, interior trim, and veneer.

disadvantages of cypress wood

Here are disadvantages of cypress wood:
  1. Toxic: The cypress wood is toxic and has respiratory irritation properties.
  2. Odor: The other con is that it has the sour odor which may be irritating for some of the users.
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