Cutting Laminate Countertop With Jigsaw: Steps To Cut Laminate Countertop/Work Top Using Circular Saw

General Overview

The laminate countertops are featured with the delicate decorative layer and particle plywood board underlayment. Hence, need to deal carefully in order to protect them from getting damaged particularly when cutting the laminate countertop using a jigsaw. While cutting the laminate countertop using the jigsaw the precise dimensions and accurate cutting is recommended so that both underlayment and the decorative layer will not result in the cracks or any other possible damage.

Easy Steps To Cut Laminate Work Top Using Jigsaw

The easy steps to cut laminate worktop using Jigsaw are mentioned below:
  1. Blade: The jigsaw comes with two types of the blades one with the teeth in an upward direction and then another with downward teeth. The blade with downward teeth performs the job much neatly and cleanly.
  2. Measurements: Taking the accurate measurements of the counter or worktop is necessary for cutting laminate accordingly. This must be done using the measuring tape.
  3. Straight Edges: Make sure, to cut the piece in a straight line for this placing the sort of the straight lumber on the worktop to run the jigsaw will do a perfect job.
  4. Support: Uninstalled laminate work/ countertop piece needs to support in terms of the saw horses to get the job done.
  5. Tape: Cover the surface using the standard masking or duct tape in order to protect it from getting chipped.
  6. T- Square: Cutting laminate top using the T- Square is a wise idea for flexible cross and angled cutting.

Steps To Cut Laminate Countertop With Circular Saw

Steps to cut the laminate countertops with a circular saw are mentioned below:
  1. Right Blade: The first and important thing is to choose the right blade to attain the desired results.
  2. Cutting With Circular Saw: To get the perfect cutting done proper measurements in terms of the length and width is required.
  3. Cut Outs: After proper length and width cutting make the final cutouts for the things like a sink.
  4. Final Edging: Once the edges are cut with circular Saw follow up by sanding edges with the 220-grit sandpaper to make them smooth and even.
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