Creative Ways To Cover Bookshelves: 5 Ultimate & Stylish Ways Of Covering Bookshelves

5 Ultimate & Stylish Ways Of Covering Bookshelves

If the bookshelves are something that the user finds unattractive, then this spot can ruin the rest of the room. However, to avoid this, cover-up the ugly bookcases in a number of creative ways to give the room the ambiance as well as a good look. Some of the creative & stylish ways of covering bookshelves are mentioned below:

Way 1: Fabrics And Upholsteries

One of the ways to cover the bookshelves is with the fabrics that match the style as well as the decor of the room in which bookshelves are installed. The good option is to use the same materials, that are used as drapes as well as for the curtains, they will work for covering the bookshelves. Hang the fabrics in the loose formats or simply pull up the things tight and then staple the fabric with the edges of the case to give a flat look, that will cover the shelves. Any kind of fabric works, as do with the leather, or the upholsteries or faux materials. In order to get a more unified appearance, cover the entire wall with the help of fabric as opposed to the bookshelf.

Way 2: Tapestries

The other best way is to use the tapestries which have been used as the wall coverings for the centuries. They are more common as a wall covering, but are also a good option for covering up the unsightly sections, such an ugly bookshelf. For the recessed shelves, it can be draped directly over them, same in the way as a wall hanging, but in case of the shelves that protrude out from the wall, the tapestry must be folded as well as tacked to the wall all around the edges of the bookshelf.

Way 3: Refinishing

Another option that can be used for covering up the ugly bookshelves is by refinishing. A bookshelf that has a faded as well as cracked coat of paint, or even the ugly color of paint, can be easily fixed with the application of a new layer or color of the paint. Wooden bookshelves with the stain are also easy to fix, simply by applying a new layer of the fresh stain or simply by sanding the wood down and then apply a different color that better matches the decor.

Way 4: Resurfacing

Consider the resurfacing option to the bookshelf using a new finish material for covering up the old shelves. Some of the people do not like to paint but instead love wallpaper and the textures. Maybe the user does not like the stained wood shelf and will prefer to cover up the shelves with tile or simply by natural stones such as marble and granite. Resurfacing a bookshelf actually means to cover up the existing shelves with completely new material. New wood, cultured marble, tile, natural stone, or the laminates are all the best options for resurfacing a bookshelf.

Way 5: Custom Carpentry

The user can also add new features using the custom cabinetry if dealing with ugly wood shelves. Build the custom doors from new or from any reclaimed lumber and then mount install with the help of the hinges to get the multiple new storage areas. Simply build a false wall all around the shelf so that it can be covered forever. The custom carpentry will give the total flexibility because there is no right or the wrong way to cover up the bookshelf.
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