Cork Flooring Pros And Cons: Advantages And Disadvantages

Pros And Cons Of Cork Flooring


The advantages of the cork flooring are as under:
  1. Cork Is Soft: The best advantage of the cork flooring is its soft material from which it is made up of. The users feel delighted when the step is placed on the cork flooring. Due to its soft material cork flooring is most popular to use in the rooms where the users stand for a long time like the kitchen.
  2. Good Insulator: The cork flooring acts as an insulator. In these flooring pieces, many tiny chambers are air-filled that acts as a barrier and prevents the noise to transfer from floor to ceiling.
  3. Cork Can Be Refinished: Another advantage of the cork flooring is that any imperfection can be removed from the cork flooring by sanding and applying the finish on the floor surface.
  4. Cork Is Environmentally Friendly: The cork flooring is safe for the environment as it is manufactured from the bark of the cork oak. It can be recycled easily.
  5. Installing Tiles Is Easy: The cork floor tiles are easy to install because most of the cork products have adhesive on the backside which helps the tiles to stick on the subfloor.
  6. Cork Is Easy To Maintain If the cork flooring is installed correctly and the layer of water barrier sealer is applied on the floor properly, then cork floor is easy to maintain. The dirt and debris particles can be cleaned from the floor surface by vacuuming or sweeping regularly and clean the spills from the floor to protect the floor surface from stains.


The disadvantages of cork flooring are mentioned below:
  1. Cork Is Susceptible To Damage: The cork is a soft material and thus it can get damaged easily. If any sharp object falls on the floor, it ruptures the floor. When the furniture and chairs are moved on the floor surface the legs of the furniture scrapes the floor surface.
  2. Cork Can Have Permanent Indentions: If the heavy furniture items are placed on the cork flooring, then the floors may dent or deep depressions may occur in the flooring and it will be very difficult to remove those dents and depressions.
  3. Cat And Dog Nail Scratch: If the users are having pets at home then the scratches of the pets like dog and cat can be easily reflected from the floor surface.
  4. Sunlight Can Cause The Cork To Fade: If the cork flooring comes in direct contact with the sunlight then the color of the floor fades. So, block the sunlight with the help of curtains to protect the flooring.
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