Cork Flooring Problems: Main Problems

4 Problems Of Cork Flooring

Here are the 4 problems of cork flooring:


The cork type of flooring requires cleaning after a short period of time, the cleaning of cork flooring is not an easy task because the cork flooring can easily get damaged by water. If the cork floorings get too wet then it will start expanding and get cracked or lose its shape. The user can mop the other wood flooring but not the cork flooring, this is one of the main problem of cork flooring.


In order to avoid cork flooring damage, the cork flooring requires sealing. If the user didn't apply sealant on cork flooring then the water damage or stains will easily appear on cork flooring and other types of problem will also appear. If the user is installing new cork flooring then apply sealant on the floor.


The lifespan of cork flooring is nearly 15-20 years if cared properly. Don't clean the cork flooring with too much water, use recommended cork flooring cleaner which is specially made for cleaning the cork flooring or the user can make a homemade solution by mixing by dish soap in water. The cork flooring is vulnerable to get damaged or get discolored from direct sunlight, in order to avoid floor damage, use curtains on windows.


The cork flooring is expensive than laminates and carpets, but as compared to other floorings items like hardwood flooring or engineered wood flooring, the cork flooring is available in cheap prices.
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