Convert Indoor Dining Table To Outdoor: Two Easy Methods

Two Easy Methods To Convert The Indoor Dining Table To Outdoor

The outdoor table is great for eating barbecues, outdoor parties or you can use the table for your simple weekend lunch with your family. Your outdoor table is also a nice inclusion to your outdoor patio and also for your yard but sometimes a costly choice. If you have your old dining table and you don't want to throw it out then you can easily repurpose your table with the help of paint or the varnish to create your table for outdoor use. If you want to convert your indoor dining table to outdoor use then you just need to read and go through the methods mentioned below.

Method 1: Using Colored Paint

  1. Clean: First of all, you need to clean your dining table with the help of mild liquid soap and water. Allow your table to dry entirely.
  2. Sandpaper: Next you need to use your sandpaper in order to remove any finish that is previously applied on your wood table. You have to sand away the existing paint finish entirely prior for applying a new coat of your paint to ensure that the new paint adheres accurately.
  3. Oil-Based Primer: Now you need to use your paintbrush to apply a new coat of oil-based primer to your table. An oil-based product infiltrates your table wood surface easily and this is more durable as compared to water-based products. Always remember to wear the disposable gloves to protect your hands to get stained by the paint.
  4. Colored Paint: You can also use the colored paint to match the actual patio furniture. Simply apply the outdoor paint to your freshly sanded indoor dining table. You can also use the spray paint or the gallon paint and a paintbrush, either method will work well. The outdoor paint is necessary to use so it can combat the weather elements, such as snow, rain, & sunshine, which can easily warp and destroy your wood surface.
  5. Allow It To Dry: Allow your freshly painted dining table to dry for at least 48 hours before using it outdoor.

Method 2: Natural Wood Finish

  1. Colored Paint: You need to follow steps 1 and 2 in method 1(using colored paint) to prepare your indoor dining table for outdoor use.
  2. Finishing Pad: Next you need to use your finishing pad to apply the marine varnish or the tinted polyurethane. You can easily buy these pads from any paint stores and home improvement stores. Always work with the grain of your wood surface for a persistent and natural wood presentation.
  3. Wipe Off: Now you need to wipe off the applied polyurethane or varnish with the help of lint-free shop paper towels. Wipe according to the direction of the wood grain. These shop paper towels are more durable than the monetary paper towels and you can easily buy them from any paint stores and home improvement stores. Always try to work expeditiously before your varnish begins to dry and also becomes too sticky to work with.
  4. Make It Dry: Let the applied varnish dry for overnight and repeat the step 3 for up to 5 times. Numerous coats of your varnish will give your wood the staying power to endure the outdoor elements and this will also increase the lifespan of your table.
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